Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New moo cards

Moo have been taking my money from me again!

I love their products, they're excellent quality and not a bad price too. This time I've been buying full sized business cards which are going to double as brooch cards.

The designs for these cards are taken from book dust jackets and from an old school atlas that I scanned into the computer and then set about cropping etc. I'm really pleased with them, they have a faded old feel to them.


  1. Those are really lovely like the mushroom one well i think there mushrooms ;-)) dee x

  2. These are lovely - love maps anyway so I definitely love these, and the mushroomy ones - yep, Delia and I are unanimously saying they are mushrooms;) - look like something from an Enid Blyton story.... the parrots one is gorgeous; can you branch out into cushions too please!!! xx

    1. Old maps are works of art in their own right aren't they. And yes they are mushrooms!

  3. These are really, really beautiful. I can't stop looking at them. Have you shown Moo? I'm sure they'd feature you on their site. I really want some - love those cockatoos!

  4. Oh, I recognise those mushrooms... I have that King Penguin too ;-)

    What a fun idea!


  5. Hi Celia, King Penguin books have lovely covers don't they x