Saturday, 21 July 2012

Another Drop the Weasel craft stall

 So today Drop the Weasel has been selling at my local town hall in Lydney. It's been a wonderful day full of chit chat and laughter, both from customers and the other stall holders and I'm glad to say that Drop the Weasel has done quite well (which is always a bonus!)

So a huge thank you to all my customers and thank you for your lovely comments x

Just take a look at this little fella, isn't he cute? He can be found at The Slate Boutique which is based in the Bristol area, they shape dark slate and Cornish slate by hand to create lovely boards for writing on.

If you see anything you like here then contact Kate Sage at The Slate Boutique on the following contact details: or tel 07800895184

The Slate Boutique display and accessorize their products so neatly with quality ribbons.

This was another lovely stall today. It belongs to Blueberry Button owned by Loraine Powell (no relation!). Loraine creates cheerful cushions, door stops and stuffed creatures and each one is sewn neatly with attention to detail. Loraine was good fun too with an infectious laugh and a smile for everyone.

If you want to contact Blueberry Button then pop over to their website at (I'm told it's in the process of being developed further but you should be able to contact Loraine there).

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