Sunday, 22 July 2012

Drop the Weasel's first stockist

At the end of June a chance meeting landed Drop the Weasel it's first stockist. I took a trip to the nearby town of Monmouth to buy a birthday gift and ended up mooching about and window shopping. I came across a beautiful boutique called Mono. The owner of the boutique Gilly was very welcoming and chatty and somehow we got talking about Monmouth country show which Drop the Weasel is attending. Gilly asked about Drop the Weasel's creations and as fate would have it I had a few bits and bobs in the car so I trotted off to get them for her to see. By the time I'd returned Gilly had found the website and was keen to give me a chance at selling in her wonderful establishment - thank you Gilly!

This is Mono in Monmouth where, I am delighted to say, you can now find a selection of beautiful Drop the Weasel creations along side the most fabulous ladies clothing and jewellery.

Mono is such a gorgeous boutique. If you're visiting Monmouth at any time then be sure to pop in and have a won't be disappointed ladies.

You'll find art prints, lovely little felt rabbits, stuffed felt hearts and the Drop the Weasel must have, hand painted wooden brooches...go on, you know you want to!

Here's a Drop the Weasel lavender bag lady greeting visitors with a cheery smile (she smells delicious too!)

Just look at these little lovelies. Hand stitched Drop the Weasel felt rabbits sitting in the window and watching the world go by.

The street looked lovely with bunting flapping in the breeze, and the sun even managed to smile down on us!!


  1. Congratulations! Lucky you!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Thanks Julie, I hope it won't be the last so fingers crossed xx

  3. ooooh - that's lovely - you're in a shop, a real-life shop - and all from a chance conversation; congratulations!!! Gilly obviously knows her customers' tastes and is confident you have what they'll want to buy - well done! xx