Monday, 23 July 2012

New Drop the Weasel postcards

Morning all!

It's a lovely sunny day here today, the cats are happily playing, I can just hear the faint cock-a-doodle-do of a neighbours cockerel in the distance and everyone that's passed my window so far seems more cheery than usual for a Monday morning. It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine can lift the spirits. 

I thought I'd share with you my new(ish) postcards. I posted these photos on the Drop the Weasel Facebook page a while ago but forgot to say anything about them here.

At Christmas I had my first art exhibition where I showed a series of fantasy lady portraits and a small selection of still life paintings. I'm now selling large prints of the portraits in the Drop the Weasel shop but I thought it might be a nice idea to have post cards printed too.  

And here they are...I'm so pleased with them. They have a lovely sheen to the surface which brings out the colours really well, ideal as little artworks or as birthday cards/postcards.

They will be in the shop by tomorrow so pop along and take a look.

I hope you're all getting a little sun where you are and that you all have a brilliant Monday!! xxx


  1. Hi lovely, im so happy to hear you are doing cards in your lovely art work as my friend Vicky really loved your picture you had put in the raffle i will pop along to the shop and buy some ;-)) Enjoy the lovely sunshine, dee xx

    1. Dee, they are now in the shop and are £1.75 each plus postage and packing :)

  2. Hi Lizzie, I finally managed to catch up with you. You have been working hard! I like your new cards, I find it so hard to draw faces but you are obviously very talented. Good luck with your new ventures. sorry to be confusing, I used to be woolgenie but have changed my name to my little red suitcase....!