Friday, 20 July 2012

Papier mache baubles

Today I thought I would show you these, papier mache baubles. With all the fairs and shows I have looming on the horizon I thought I would make one or two new product, it stops me getting bored!

These baubles are made by layering news paper over cardboard, after about six layers they are primed and sanded. Then the fun bit starts, painting on the designs.

 I've added little brass rings and hanging strings to them since taking this picture so they can be hung up all year round to brighten up a dull corner.      

The reverse side is decorated with colourful polka dots. I've deliberately left the baubles lumpy and bumpy because I really like the naive quality it give them, they look really folksy.

In all I've made 22 so far but I have a few ideas for other designs so there may be more to come...

Have a happy Friday everyone and good luck to all the young people who are leaving their primary schools to go to the BIG school in September xx  


  1. I love your baubles. I think they are so cute and quirky. Good luck with the fair.

  2. Wow!! I can just see them hanging in the window along with my black bird (Jose pinched my pink one!!)