Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vintage and Handmade Fair 14/07/12

Hello all!

Thank you so much for your supportive comments on my last post, you're all so lovely xx

Well to kind of follow on from that post I want to tell you about a vintage and handmade fair that Drop the Weasel attended yesterday in Somerset. It was organised by fellow blogger Dee over at Dee dee's vintage retro delights  and her friend Lynne. Both lovely ladies made sure everything ran smoothly and gave everyone a warm welcome....thanks ladies x 

This is the Drop the Weasel stall.

These guys are a new addition to the Drop the Weasel range, they are hand painted strong men art dolls. They look a little camp but that adds to their charm I reckon.

These necklaces are made by my niece and my sister. I love them, (the necklaces and my niece and sister!).

And just take a look at the other yummy tables. This one had a fab owl cushion on display but someone snapped it up before I could get a pic of it. Their quilts were stunning too and so well made.

This table had some tempting bits and bobs, I was very close to getting the little pair of kiddies boots with buttons at the side (you can just see them in the middle of the display), they were so cute and would look great displayed on a shelf.

Some people are really good at displaying their goodies, these makes your eyes dart about and keep you interested with different heights.  

I loved this table, my photo doesn't do the fabric justice because there were some really interesting pieces here, including two fine tapestries.

Hats, hats and more hats!

This lovely (and camera shy) lady, Lucy, was my next door neighbour. We catted away all day and had a giggle which is always a bonus.

I had a wonderful time and met the kindest people who said some lovely things about Drop the Weasel. When you haven't done a fair for a while you forget how much fun it can be and it's always brilliant to get feedback. All in all a good day I think.

p.s I'll add some links to the stalls tomorrow, I don't have the business cards with me at the moment.       


  1. Looks really lovely. Hope you sold some bits x

  2. Glad you had a lovely time - I couldn't make it in the end!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Ahh such a lovely post. Im so glad you had a good time it was so great to meet you im only sorry we didn't get a photo together. Your photo's look amazing there so large and clear my blog never seems to show up clear photo's and not large thats for sure. I should change my blog layout sometime but im worried i might lose everything. Your work is amazing and thank you so much for your gorgeous picture that was raffled off. Take care hugs dee xxx

  4. Lots of gorgeousness. Wish I could have popped in!