Friday, 10 August 2012

Today's project - paper posy kits

Today I've been working on a design for a paper posy kit. I've wanted to do this for a while so it's good to make a start.

This kit has been inspired by the paper flowers I made ages ago (here).

I've drawn the design out using pencil and then I've drawn over it with Indian ink and a dip pen which gives the image an outline that varies in thickness, which I really like.  

I'm now at the fun stage where I get to block in the colours and add more detail.

The kit will have two sheets of flowers and leaves and a set of green florists wire stems.  

 I also need to design a cover sheet and the instruction sheet and then it's off to the printers!


  1. this looks like a fun idea, a funky flower kit! Heather

  2. I will be ordering that!!!!

    What a wonderful idea.xx

  3. Cheers ladies you are so lovely xx

  4. What a fabulous idea, love your flowers!