Thursday, 9 August 2012

Workroom redecoration time

Last week I started a job that foolishly I thought would only take 3 days to complete...oh how wrong I was!

My workroom has been in desperate need of a coat of paint and a massive sort out for ages, I finally snapped a couple of weeks ago when I pulled a magazine from a huge pile of clutter and the whole lot came crashing to the floor hitting my leg in the process. Something had to be done...and fast. 

So I booked two weeks off work to get on with it and other stuff. This is the room cleared of all my crap. You can see why it needed to be done. 

So where had all my crap gone you ask...into another room is the answer! My bed was in this state for about 3 days and so I was sleeping on the living room floor (it was a bit like camping out). 

The plan for the workroom was:

1. To have a huge black board for jotting down ideas and 'to do's'.

2. Create more storage space.

3. Have areas for Drop the Weasel stock, packaging materials and equipment.

4. Have a flow to the room with easy movement and not to over stack the shelves. 

I drafted in my brother in law to drill the holes for the shelves as I'm rubbish with a drill and take way too long.  

Baby kept an eye on the redecorating (and yes, he did get covered in paint again!)


Painting brackets and shelves has to be the most boring job in the world. Each one needed so many coats of paint. I had to really push myself to get them done.  

So this is how it's all looking now, bright, clean, organised, and streamlined, it feels great. I've taken bags of stuff to the charity shops, bags of rubbish to the tip and loads of paper to the recycling bin.     

I'm loving my black board.

It all looks so neat, it doesn't look like my room! 

I can see the floor!!

I've even got a little space for a display table.

It's not all done yet though. I ran out of brackets and shelves so I've had to order more which won't be here for another week, and then the painting starts again...GROAN. 

But that said I love it and already I feel motivated to get more done so that's a good thing. Having a sort out is definitely good for the soul I reckon  

and Baby seems to like it too (can you just see his painted whiskers).


  1. Wow, that is just awesome! Will I be doing that in my sewing room? Nope! You get a gold star from the redecorating fairy! Woot! Love your little black assistant! Come on over and enter our giveaway for free fabrics and build up that stash again!

    Cheery wave from Bev

    1. Thanks Bev, I'm sure glad it's all done x

  2. Wow, what dedication - and your room looks fantastic now, I bet it's loads more fun to work in. Fancy sorting my space out??

    1. Hi Melanie, I think I'll pass on doing your space if you don't mind! Mine won't be getting done again for a while that's for sure, I've just got to stop buying so much stuff. xx

  3. Trying to write this with Marmalade laying on the keyboard.

    Wow!! What can I say, the room looks amazing. I am sure that having a tidy space to work in really helps the creativity flow. As you can tell, I am not speaking from experience!!


    1. Hi PC, you've got one that likes the keyboard too eh! I hope that I might be able to get more done now, it's great to have the space. I can dance in here now if I want too, if I'd tried to before it would have meant a trip to A&E!! XX

  4. what a great work/art room you have, you will be even more productive now! I bet it feels great to get a good job done. It does take longer than you think to do over a room, never mind all the sorting and moving. well done, happy making! Heather

    1. Thank you Heather, it sure did take a long time. The thing that took so long was painting all the shelves, I ran out of space to put them to dry and they needed so many coats. Still all done for now. xx

  5. looks great and I am sure you will be even more productive and I'm glad to see Baby likes it too!

    1. Hi Lyn, Baby can't believe the change. He's commendeered the bottom shelve of the bookcase already xx

  6. Nice!
    I love seeing where people create :)

  7. Hats off to such impressive transformation! The wait and hard work was all worth it! Readers will surely be inspired by your post, especially those who need help in creating or choosing a relaxing workspace!