Sunday, 9 September 2012

Drop the Weasel - new work in store

Last weekend was a non event. I was so tired I slept for hours, woke up for food and went back to bed for another long sleep.

I've been putting in lots of hours at my day job and then coming home to make Drop the Weasel products in my spare time. As a result my joints have been swelling up a lot lately which is a sign I need to slow it down a bit. That said I'm not moaning, I quite like setting goals and being on the go and getting 'stuff' done so it's all fine. 

This weekend on the other hand is back to normal, I've started to take vitamin supplements and with a good sleep I've been raring to go. 

The job for this week has been to update the Drop the Weasel shop and my Etsy shop. I've totally changed the Drop the Weasel shop making it simpler and adding a new layout and colour scheme. Pop over and tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. There are a few little extra things I want to add but I'll try to do those later in the week.

I've also had time to create two new pieces but I'll show you those when I have two more to add to them.

So, new in the shop Strong Man dolls 

And a new batch of wooden brooches , and a few of my felt brooches.

I hope you've all had a sunny and happy weekend and got all your jobs done too! It's been absolutely lovely here all day.

See ya soon! x


  1. New look shop is pretty impressive!!! Glad you have recovered. Look after your self x

    1. Thanks Poppy Cottage x
      It looks less cluttered now doesn't it.

      Speaking of did your week off go and your clear out and that to do list? Did you get it all done?

  2. Hi Lizzie, just had a look at your etsy shop, I really like the banner. It all seems laid out really clearly, good luck with it. I am still procrastinating about setting mine up, really must do! Hope you feel better soon, I sometimes have trouble with my wrists if I over do the crafting, Have a good week Heather x

  3. Hi Heather, thanks for taking the time to have a look and thanks for the feedback too. I'm still trying to understand all the Etsy bits and bobs and it's hard to get noticed on Etsy because there are so many shops now. Give it a go and let me know when you do, I'll pop in and take a look. I'm fine now, no swellings or pain xx

  4. Hi Lizzie, your Etsy store looks fabulous, and I really like your artworks. The Strong Men are fun, and love your wooden brooches.

    1. Thank you Trudy, that's really kind of you and thanks for taking the time to have a look x

  5. hi there: happy to have found you.
    as a londoner now living in spain
    i can really relate and appreciate
    your quintisentially british quirky style
    {used to do fairs years back/hard work/fun}
    happy making x ... ***

  6. Your revamped store looks great. I love the little wooden brooches. M x

  7. Awww thanks for taking a look and I glad you like my wooden brooches they are fun to do x

  8. So fun! I love your strong man dolls and those little wooden brooches are so, so charming!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Jessica, fellow Etsy member (Rock Paper Tekla) and Blogger (

    Please stop by and join me :)

  9. Hi there Jessica, thank you for popping by The Pea Pod and thank you so much for your kind words.

    I'm off to visit your blog...

    Lizzie x