Saturday, 6 October 2012

Crikey I've actually left the house for a change!

It feels as though I haven't been out of the house for months and months. It's just been work, eat, sleep. 

Yesterday cabin fever set in and so it was time to get out and go mooching.

The initial destination was going to be Abergavenny  because there's a lovely art shop and gallery there that I want to visit, however I got up later than I wanted to so I decided to head off to Ross on Wye .

I popped by Bailey's Home Store just on the edge of Ross on Wye. This place is a great for getting inspiration. It can be a little expensive for some things but they do have items for every budget.

Photographs aren't allowed so I had to take these covertly - the things I do for you!

This is Bailey's tin tabernacle tearoom decorated in the typical Bailey's style.

I stopped mid mooch for a cuppa and a piece of chocolate cake.

Even the WC was stylish. I wish I could have taken more pictures but I didn't want to push my luck.

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  1. Being fairly new to the area, I am delighted to find your blog and that I might find good places to shop. Where were you when I have been designing my kitchen???? Do you have a Pinterest page as well? Seriously need to find new places to shop in the Forest and over the border into Wales. So two things learn from just this post, one the shop in Ross, (who knew?) and the gallery in Abergavenny. Look forward to finding more. Pleased you found your cat, it can be very worrying.