Thursday, 11 October 2012

I've found Baby!

First of all thank you all for your comments and tips on how to find Baby. 

He's now home safe and well - yey!

I was getting really worried that I would never see him again but yesterday before I had to set out to work I decided to check the field behind my house again. I started walking the edge of the field calling his name. I stopped near a huge patch of bramble and called, as I listened a little cat call came back. You can imagine what my stomach was doing at this point.

Baby hasn't got a definite cat meow so I was half thinking this couldn't be him because it was a clear meow. Anyhow I called again, and again a call came back. I quickly ran around to the house that backed onto the bramble patch and asked if I could call from the garden side. 

The night before I'd popped notices through the doors of my neighbours so the lovely lady knew who I was and came to help search. 

As we called no call came back and then...another cat jumped up onto the fence and called to us. I was so deflated and disappointed.

I went back around to the field to carry on my search, starting at the point where I had left off. I called and to my excitement the call came back again! And this time the call was followed by Baby's distinctive little half meow and a sneeze! The sneeze confirmed it as from birth he's had a virus caught from his mum which means that he sneezes a lot.

You can imagine how excited I was at this point calling out to him and kung fu kicking the brambles to get to him - I must have looked like a mad woman to anyone looking on. He was trapped in a bramble cage. I grabbed him and held him so tightly he wasn't going anywhere!

As soon as we got home Sweetie checked him out and he tucked into 3 cat food pouches.

It's so good to have him home. Thank you once again. 

Now life can get back to normal - phew  :)      


  1. oh what a relief! I guess he was stuck in the brambles, well done for finding him. brilliant, yes life can go on now! Heather x

  2. I glad he is home safe and sound!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I love happy endings. Hopefully, now he won't have wandering feet and will stay well away from the brambles! THree pouches - that's some going - he must have been one hungry pussy cat!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! THANK GOODNESS!! Mind you I had to read your kung fu kicking brambles bit twice. I thought you can't write that on there!!!!

    When you first get a kitten, you wouldn't believe the powerful emotional bond you'll have with this bit of fluff. One scare and it proves that you'd move heaven and earth for them!! (or kung fu kick nasty brambles!!) xx

  5. Thanks guys. I think there ought to be a welcome home Baby party. Prawns all round!!

  6. So very glad you found him, what an amazingly lucky cat x

  7. So glad you found him Lizzie, you must have been devastated when he was missing. A happy ending though, yay! Louise x

  8. He's had lots of hugs that's for sure x

  9. Awwwwww glad he is home safe and sound. he's such a cutie!
    Nattie x

  10. Glad he is home safe and sound ... you must be delighted ... Bee x

  11. Thanks Nattie - I'll tell Baby he's a cutie he'll like that :)

    Bee I'm over the moon!

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  13. so glad you have got him back we have just lost our cat two weeks ago and she hasn't come back. so far we put leaflets out to over a hundred houses as well as ringing the vets animal sanctuaries and put notices up in all local shops to no avail. She was only six months old. Its very upsetting however i'm so glad one little moggie found his way home! and i know how relieved you must be feeling good luck pippax

    1. Awww Pippa I'm so sorry. Don't give up though she's out there somewhere and probably being fed by someone who thinks they're helping her out. I was really worried but trying not to show it. Baby has now been to the vet for his op and has been micro chipped. He's out in the garden now and I keep going out to check on him every now and then.

      I really hope you find your little one safe and well...keep looking x