Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I've lost my Baby boy and I'm pulling my hair out...

My little cat Baby has gone missing. He left the house on Sunday evening to have a wander about and I haven't seen him since.

I am missing him so much and I'm praying that he's going to just find his way back to Sweetie and myself. Sweetie is constantly calling for him and popping outside to try and find him it's heart breaking to watch.

Have any of you kind folk ever lost a cat? What did you do?

So far I've walked the area, I've driven the wider area I've contacted my neighbours and put the word out, I've popped his picture on Facebook and I've contacted the Cat's Protection with his photo etc.

Please, please send him some get home quick vibes I need him to be safe x



  1. Sheds, garages, vets? I will keep everything crossed he comes home soon.


  2. We have had two cats that went missing - one for eight days and one for twelve. On both occasions we put up loads and loads of posters on lamp-posts and asked the newsagents to deliver a poster with the newspapers. On both occasions we received information - the first cat was locked in the allotments. The other, the cat had been spotted outside the persons neighbours and she thought that they were trying to entice it into their house to keep as a pet as they could clearly see our cat on a poster outside their house! I turned up at the house and the person initially said the cat wasn't there but the lady who had phoned me just told me to wait as it clearly was - so I waited and kept calling, the couple who were trying to allure the cat away must have felt some guilt as the cat all of a sudden appeared in their garden - having probably just been let out. I do hope that your cat returns home safely as I have also had another cat who disappeared and we never found him. Not knowing what has happened is worse then knowing. Posters are really the best thing with a good quality photo of the cat on it. Hope this has helped.

  3. Praying too! A friends black cat just went missing recently. I told her to put his little box outside the door with just a little cat food and water. He came back and was hiding waiting for her under the porch.
    Hope your little one returns soon.

    P.S. Sometimes they get stuck up in a tree or on a roof and can't get down.

  4. Thanks for these messages. I'm thinking he will come home but if he's trapped somewhere he's going to find it hard to call out because he can't seem to make much of a sound. I'm praying he'll be at home when I get in from work tonight. I'm planning to deliver flyers to the houses in the street. Fingers crossed x

  5. Honey I'm so sorry about your cat, we lost our 'Moggie' 15 years ago and I miss her still (I tell myself she found a new home, she came to us when I was desperately trying for a baby and left when my tummy was too large for her to sit on, my daughter is now 15). Our Mollie looks just like yours tho she is middle aged now, bless. Good luck, I hope Baby comes home safe, sound and soon.
    Susan x

    1. Thanks Susan, it's really odd how these little furry creatures can get to you! This week everything has been on hold and it's just been a case of searching for Baby. I must admit I am getting a little worried now. x

  6. Hi Lizzie, I thought I have to tell you about a friend who lost their dog! Bear with me, He gained fame for returning after 24 or so days lost on the moor.She was told by a friend who had previously lost their cat to ...wee on a towel and drag it around, In her case on the moor, (for a cat I'm not sure! maybe around town!!) I believe they got their cat back, and the dog came back very very hungry.Both people wanted to spread the word of the power of scent!This may sound strange, but I hope it helps. Fliss.