Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sunshine on a dull day

Today has been a grey and dull day.

Normally that wouldn't bother me because I quite like rainy, moody days but today we also had lots of little gremlins in our computer at the microbiology lab I work at. 

This resulted in a non productive day that led to frustration and boredom. I headed off home in need of a ray of sunshine to brighten my day.

As luck would have it there was a little ray of sunshine sitting on my doormat waiting to greet me. A little pink parcel that when opened revealed two little blue parcels neatly wrapped and with the most wonderful scent working it's way to my nostrils giving me an instant pick me up.

It was no surprise that this little parcel had found it's way to me though because it's part of a swap I'm doing with Louise from Farrell and Holmes. Louise has always been really supportive of my creative work and has bought some of my little peg ladies in the past. Now she thought it was time to get them some little gentlemen friends and so I've been painting two to send off.

 It's a little like a peg doll dating agency!  

Anyhow, I cunningly thought this could be my chance to get my hands on one of Farrell and Homes' lovely products by suggesting a little swap...ha! ha! ha! how clever was that!

Luckily Louise was up for it and hence this parcel arriving today.

So what did I get you ask...well, a lavender filled owl key ring (which I have to say is amazingly well made and smells so fresh and uplifting it's lovely), a set of 3 festive fabric covered badges and a really sweet postcard with a little hand written message on the reverse. It's little touches like these that make it all so special.  

If you like what you see here then you have to pop over to Farrell and Holmes' website and blog here - I think you'll like what you see x

Thank you so much Louise I'm definitely not frustrated or bored now x   


  1. So lovely ... the little owl is so sweet and I love the badges ... what a great swap ... Bee x

  2. Hi Bee, I'm so pleased with this little swap I just hope that Louise likes her little peg men! x

  3. Hi Lizzie, I have only just caught up on my reading after a hectic week and was delighted to discover this lovely blog all about our swap! I'm so pleased you enjoyed receiving your parcel, we felt much the same when we got home and found the one from you - your attention to detail with the address and the gorgeous postcard made it such a wonderful thing to receive. We are thrilled with our peg doll chaps and the ladies are very happy with their new beaus! Thank you so much for suggesting the swap, it's been great fun! LouLo & Will x