Thursday, 8 November 2012

I can feel my mojo last!

Do you ever get a length of time where you really can't be bothered with anything?

I've been like that for a couple of months now...but I think I may be coming out of it.

This year has been full on for me because of my personal goals to pay off my mortgage early and to set up my shop Drop the Weasel (I blogged about my plan here). For the best part of 2012 I've been working as many extra hours as I can to boost my wages to add to the mortgage pot. This has meant that most weeks I've been working a 54 hour week leaving me with just a Saturday off to get the housework done and all those other chores that stack up. I've also been getting home after work and working on Drop the Weasel so it's pretty much been work, work, work!

But since being away from The Pea Pod (sorry for the absence) a few changes have occurred. Firstly I've celebrated another birthday, which for me is always a time of reflection and taking stock and secondly I've been offered a new job within the company I work for which will mean more money and a better shift pattern to the one I currently work.

I've also managed to loose half a stone in weight so that can't be bad either...there's an upside to everything it would seem.

I'm so looking forward to more time off. My new shifts will be two day shifts starting at 06:00am - 18:00pm followed by two night shifts starting at 18:00pm - 06:00am this is then followed by FOUR days off!!!

This will mean that I'll be able to create more work and have the odd day out. I feel as though I haven't been anywhere for ages so this will be great. 

As for the mortgage I'm now at the £39,000 mark so I'm really pleased with that and I'm as focused as ever on clearing it. When I've payed it all off I intend to blow £1,000 on clothes...I can't bloody wait! - be prepared for lots of fashion posts around that time :)

Anyhow, blog posts should start getting more frequent soon.  
I hope your mojo's are intact and life's good for you all xx



  1. Welcome back to your mojo, mine is still MIA!! x

  2. Good for you! Every penny counts towards your goal, you can do it!

  3. Sending you Hugs to spur you on ... do be careful not to overdo it ... dont make yourself ill.

    Vicky x

  4. Blimey Liz im suprised your still standing. Well done on losing your weight and getting lower on your morgage you should be really proud of yourself. I adore your Drop the weasel work you have a fabulous creative mind and hand. Good luck with the new shift patterns. Best wishes, dee xx