Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I've won a fabulous prize...yay!!

This post is way, way overdue!

Ages ago I was overjoyed to receive a set of hand printed greetings cards from Melanie Wickham.

 Melanie is based in Bristol and creates the most wonderful prints which are quirky, original and very cute and funny.

Melanie very generously held a giveaway over at her blog which I wasn't actually the winner of but her little prize draw helper (only known as The Mystery Hand...mysterious indeed!) suggested that I was sent a prize too because my answer to the question 'What is/where is your favourite wild place?' was Puzzlewood which The Mystery Hand also rates a brilliant place to visit.

My prize came with a lovely hand written letter which was wonderful. I'm so pleased with Melanie's cards. I'm thinking I might put the foxglove one into a frame and hang it in my bedroom because I can't bring myself to give it a way.

And look, a pea plant!! How apt is that for this blog.

This one made me smile, it's great. 

Pop over to Melanie's blog and her website where you'll find her shop too...just in time for Christmas!!


  1. aahh those are lovely, enjoy them, dee x

  2. Lucky you. Those cards are gorgeous. I'm popping over to check out her site now ... M x

  3. Just lovely ... I love Melanie's art ... Bee x

  4. Glad you liked them and I had to pop the 'pea' one in!!

    Hope there have been no more cat adventures...