Monday, 21 January 2013

I want more snow!

The Forest of Dean looked spectacular on Friday after the snow paid us a visit. I went on a very, very long walk and found myself saying WOW! quite a bit.
As I crunched my way through the silent forest I saw squirrels darting about, confused pheasants scurrying this way and that and deer hurriedly moving through the trees to escape danger. It was magical and I had it all to myself.
I'm now hoping that we have more snow because I'm not done with it yet and to get an extra day off work has to be a bonus!
I hope you're all feeling the same and that you're all keeping nice and snug. Stay safe everyone xx


  1. Beautiful. Ours is going now sad that is doesnt stay around for long. dee x

  2. wow, the forest looks amazing, you have had a lot there! enjoy, Heather x

    1. Heather it's melting way too fast for my liking. It'll all be gone soon :(

  3. So beautiful ... it must be magical to walk alone in it ... Bee x

  4. I adore snow...we had a few snowy days before Christmas and everything looked like in a fairytale where I live. Too bad it melted soon.