Monday, 29 July 2013

Latest auction finds - vintage patchwork, kitchenalia and more!

On Saturday I spent the whole day at my local auction bagging some bargains.

I always get a little excited on auction day because over the years I've found some really lovely vintage bits and bobs that I've managed to pick up for a little amount of money. Looking around my home the majority of the items I've collected have come from auction sales.

So let me show you what I picked up this time....there's quite a bit of it!
A Staffordshire china figurine. It's been damaged at some point but I don't mind about that, I think they look at home on my mantel shelf.

OK, so this is most of it on display. Lots of wood and wicker.
Sorry for the photo quality by the way. I took these pictures using my phone.
Lovely old scissors that are as good as new. The largest pair is quite weighty. These were all sold together along with a little weighing scales in a tin. I got the lot for £2.

I bought a box of odd bits which contained these baskets, shells and lace place mats. Also in the box was a small slow cooker (which is what I've been looking for), three wooden chopping boards, a Denby mixing bowl, a pestle and mortar and a wonderful old fashioned paper guillotine which I hadn't noticed when I first looked at the box.

For another £2 I managed to bag 4 little pictures, 3 of them I wasn't too keen on but this one I fell in love with. It's an original painting on a disc of wood no bigger than a small jam jar lid and it's really detailed. I think I must have been the only person to spot it because I was the only bidder. It's come to the right place though because I love it.

For another £2 (there's a theme growing here) I bought this little wooden box containing some old art stuff and this towel sized throw.

A cat basket...much nicer than a plastic one. They'll enjoy going off to the vets in this...maybe.

This has to be my best buy of the day though. Tucked away under a table was a large box of fabric that's ideal for a patchwork project. I spotted it and had a rummage through. I could see that there were so many lovely designs and some of them date back to the 50's I reckon. My stomach did a little flutter of excitement. As the auction viewing continued I could see a few other ladies having a look and jotting the lot number down on their sheets.

When the bidding started I waited for all the other ladies to out bid each other and then got in there and won the bid!! WOO HOO!!
On getting the box home I had a really good look at what I'd bought. At the bottom of the box I was thrilled to find this beautiful piece of patchwork which is made up of 50p sized patchwork pieces. A labour of love.
 It's not quite the size of my front door but if I add a few more rows it'll be just the right size for a door curtain. I'm so pleased with it.

Here's a tiny selection of fabric from the box.

I also picked up some large storage jars and old knives, forks and spoons.

And finally, this shelf also found it's way to my home. I think I might do a paint job on it just to perk it up a bit. I like the wiggly lines and the cut out detail on the sides.
So all in all I think I've had a successful auction trip this time. If you haven't been before then seek out your local one. Be careful though, they're addictive!!


  1. You did well at the auction, especially with the fabrics
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. I love the fabric so much, I can't stop looking through it all.

  2. Win! I always love getting bargains, it is double happiness, the first for getting something you love and the seccond for getting it so cheaply. And then someone says 'you're so lucky getting that'. Luck doesn't have too much to do with it, you have to look and keep looking. Well done you.

    1. There's something a little exciting about bagging a bargain isn't there.

  3. Oooh gosh, what a lovely haul you got! I've never been to an auction before, I'm afraid i would get too carried away, but looking at your goodies i'm tempted to seek one out! I love the little round painting, glass storage jars and all that gorgeous fabric! Well done you!

    Cate, x

    1. Cate you really have to give it a go. Some auctions are full of tat but my local one is pretty good. I have been known to get a little carried away on times but that's only when it's been for something I really want.