New designs for 2014 - Drop the Weasel cushions

 Wow! Two blog posts in one week, what's going on!?
This Christmas I've taken a little step back from having stands at so many craft fairs to allow me the time to concentrate on creating new products for my Drop the Weasel shop that sadly, I've been neglecting of late.
So with the new year, in comes a new product range which is going to focus on the theme of 'the natural world'. I love all things to do with nature and using it as my inspiration will mean an endless supply of ideas and imagery.
Over the pat month I've been working on a few cushion designs. I've made them using felt because the colours are so strong and I'm a sucker for colour.
I start the cushion making process by sketching out a scale drawing and adding the colours a want.
I cut all the shapes by hand.

 I then hand sew the detail onto some of the pieces and lay out the design before stitching everything in place.

I've had to teach myself how to use my new sewing machine that I bought earlier in the year. I still have lots to learn but so far it's all going well I'm pleased to say.
When all the pieces are secured I then add more hand stitching.

Here's some of the fine detail of my butterfly cushion design. I love hand sewing as it really relaxes me. I've been hand sewing right up until 4am before now because I get lost in it and keep going!

This is another design I'm working on but I'm not sure I like it that much. Perhaps I ought to change the background colour?
When I finish a panel I like to pin it up in my art room and live with it for a while.
I'm having a great time coming up with design ideas which are just coming into my head thick and fast. So fast I can't keep up!


  1. Wow! They look stunning, and such neat work! The one on black reminds me of some needlepoint designs I've seen, and I really like the black background, but I suppose it would pick up any stray hairs etc.

    1. Aww Felicity you are so lovely. Thanks for the feedback on the black one. I'm wondering if black might be too hard to fit into an intorior colour scheme? Don't know, there's no harm in trying it as they will be made to order so no issue if noone orders one x

  2. Really lovely work, your home looks so charming and inviting too ! Love the Christmas pics.


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